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A Phd (doctoral degree) is the next step for those who have completed their master’s degree. A Phd is the highest qualification awarded by UK universities. This degree awarded to those research students who have completed their thesis on a particular research area, examined by a team of internal and external examiners. The most determined students decide to do a Phd Usually, a Phd is three to four years of a research degree program in the United Kingdom.

Application Submission

A Phd application process is a complicated and lengthy procedure. Therefore, need to apply well before time for a Phd admission.

UK Education Consultancy is specialized in Phd application services. We provide the following to enhance your chance to get a doctoral student offer:

  • Pre-assessment applicant’s documents to ensure he/she is eligible to apply
  • Guidance to choosing a university according to an area of research
  • Help in reviewing the supporting documents, such as CV, references, and personal statement
  • Help in reviewing research proposal and providing appropriate advice
  • Help in filling the Phd application form and submit it to the university

We do our best to make your Phd applications the most accurate and fastest to securing a Phd offer.